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Born in Brighton, UK, in 1949, Richard Crombet-Beolens - known to all as Bo Beolens, the Fat Birder and now the Fat Fisherman just about remembers post war rationing… I used to toddle off to the corner shop with my coupons to buy sweeties. This penchant for all things tasty probably stems from the shortages of the Fifties. That alone is not entirely responsible for my undoubted corpulence. I am by misfortune disabled, (a form of arthritis called Ankylosing Spondylitis which makes walking painful and sometimes impossible) and by disposition indolent. The combination of these two factors with my propensity to consume copious quantities of curry, Belgian Buns and (since giving up smoking in 1998) boiled sweets, (that's a sort of Hard Candy for U.S. fatfisherman surfers) has conspired to add more poundage. So the portrait above is, flattering. The curvature of my back is an accident of fate, the curvature of my front a self inflicted injury.

I grew up in Kent [the South East corner of England] and was introduced to fishing & birding by my late father.

An accident-prone boy I dislocated my left hip at the age of nine and then the right hip falling out of my wheelchair in hospital. Needing a passive outdoor pursuit my father took me fishing. Somewhere in a dusty album is a monochrome picture of me with my first catch – 9 small bream… small but enough, if you’ll forgive the pun, to get me hooked for life.The pursuit of girls, and career, and the delights of British beer enticed me away for a while but I returned to the pastime when my father-in-law moved next door to us and, as he would tell everyone in earshot, he had been a fisherman for 80 years.

I have lived in Scotland, Lancashire, Buckinghamshire and London pursuing a career as the director of various charities before moving back to the county of my youth in 1995. In August 1999 I moved to Margate [try to go any further south east and you develop a French accent] and have been discovering the joys of working a small coastal patch since then.

Fishing to me can be summed up in one sentiment, to paraphrase Isaac Walton who wrote the ‘Compleat Angler’ several hundred years ago… ‘a day spent fishing, is a day added to your life’!Between us Maggie and I have 4 children (2 boys and 2 girls) in age order they are Matthew, Julia, Suki and Ashley, all grown and with their own families. My son (Ash) is the only angler amongst them and has had the temerity to catch a carp of 26lb – bigger than any I have ever caught! But the trend goes on as only the other day he took one of his sons fishing and rang me to say that he [Owen] had caught the biggest bream my son had ever seen!

The Fatfisherman website is an attempt to put as many anglers in touch with each other throughout the world as possible to encourage friendship and conservation. It is non-commercial but taking up a great deal of my time, I wish I had a few more advertisers so it would not cost me money to run!

I also welcome contributions from anyone anywhere. It is my ambition to have an introduction written to every country [and every state within countries] in the world by a local angler of, from, or a very frequent visitor to, that country. I also own and operate several other websites, principle among them being I also operate a site which ranks its member angling sites by the amount of traffic they get see:

I’ve caught just one carp of 20lbs and no tench of more than 6lbs, I’ve never caught a barbel or a catfish of any sort so have a long way to go… but then, I’ve only been fishing off and on for 50 years, hopefully there’s plenty of time yet.