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This is the place to look for articles or reviews... as the cannon grows they will be listed here for ease of reference.

I welcome articles submitted by any fisherfolk anywhere and feel free to get in touch if you have a product or service you would like us to review.This website benefits hugely from the contributions of anglers, photographers & fisherfolk from all over the world. Most of the country and state introductions are written by, and most photographs featured taken by, Fatfisherman users. If you have a picture you want us to show, or feel able to write about your area I would be delighted to hear from you just click on the feedback link...


We are also looking for good photos of your favourite venues to adorn all the 'geographical' pages. So if you have a decent picture of your favourite county, state or country fishing hotspot or sea mark then let me know! We always add an acknowledgement below photos so please do not submit pics with text or watermarks... and every thing in jpg format please - no huge tiff files! If its good enough and nobody beats your photo will be shown off to the fishing world!