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Fly Fishing Tigerfish Okavango © Tourette Fishing

The Okavango River is most famous for its spectacular flooding of the desert in Northern Botswana, and in doing so, forming the only inland delta in the world, the Okavango Delta. From a fishing perspective it is widely regarded as one of Africa’s finest tiger fishing destinations. The bream fishing during certain times of the year is also fabulous.

The tiger fishing season here runs from September to early November, when flood waters recede off the surrounding plains into the main Okavango River. It is over these times that the Catfish begin to school and large shoals work to flush out the mounting concentrations of baitfish from the papyrus riverbanks - A phenomenon known as the annual Catfish Run. The catfish run triggers a frantic tigerfish bite as aggressively feeding fish gorge themselves on fleeing bait fish. Birds, crocodiles and even snakes join in on the feeding frenzy; a spectacle in its own right and aptly compared to the Wildebeest migration, only in water!

Flyfishing with black whistlers and black and red clousers around the Catfish runs, as well as in the vicinity of drop offs and junctions prove most successful during this time. Fishing with live baits (circle hooks only) has a tremendously high strike rate over this period.

Tour operators have pioneered a unique mobile approach to fish the catfish run, and in doing so allows their guests to fish remote reaches of the river in comfort and safety. Fly camping on a deserted palm tree island is a magical experience and highly recommended to all who fish this emerald wilderness.

For anglers looking to up their species count a bream and pike fishing safari deep into the heart of the Okavango Swamps is a must. This mobile-type safari takes anglers and family though some of Africa’s wildest habitats to fish intimate rivers and lagoons in the heart of big five country. These crystal waters, filtered through hundreds of kilometers of desert sand, are home to a variety of bream including nembwe, thin face large mouth, three spot bream, humpbacked large mouth, red breasted bream and African pike amongst many.

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Drotsky's Cabins
Drotsky's Cabins are situated on the banks of the Okavango, overlooking the wide river, dotted with floating papyrus reeds. It offers comfortable bungalows with an authentic atmosphere. It styles itself: Birders- and fishing paradise - on the panhandle of the Okavango Delta... and it is, I didn't fish there but saw some big fish moving I was birdering and it is absolutely stunning Fatfisherman

Nxamaseri Island Lodge
Nxamaseri Island Lodge is among Botswana’s prime fishing destinations. Here the tigerfish, one of the world’s most dramatic game fish, provides thrilling angling for both experienced and novice fishermen. Apart from the tigerfish, there are another eight species that may be caught at Nxamaseri...

Bona Safari Services
Botswana is an exciting destination for the fresh-water angler at two main destinations: the upper reaches (“Pan Handle”) of the Okavango Delta and along the Chobe River with its link to the mighty Zambezi River. Anglers are primarily interested in tiger fish and bream. The former are reckoned as one of the world’s great freshwater fighting fish, and weigh up to nearly 10 kg...

Fishing Safaris Dumela Botswana

Fish for one of the most exciting of fresh water fish, the Tiger Fish, in the Okavango Delta Botswana. Beautiful house boats or lodges meander through the channels on fishing safaris. Choose one of our Houseboats on the Okavango Delta Botswana...

Scott Dunn
This exciting journey takes you from the great Zambezi River to the wildlife and flood plains of the beautiful Okavango Delta...

Tourette Fishing

...The Okavango Delta. From a fishing perspective it is widely regarded as one of Africa’s finest tiger fishing destinations...

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Go Bass Fishing in Africa
Go Bass Fishing in Africa provides in depth information on Bass fishing in South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Swaziland and Mozambique for both dedicated bass anglers and those new to the sport...