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'Jacks in the Surf' © Tourette Fishing

With some of the the longest stretches of untouched coastline left on the African continent, it is no surprise that Gabon offers sport anglers some of the finest saltwater shore and estuary based game fisheries on the planet. Gabon deserves recognition as a world class African sportfishing destinations. This previously prominent destination must go back on the map for English speaking travellers.

Sette Cama camp is an ideal base, situated on the Ndogo Lagoon at the southern boundry of Loango National Park it is a destination like no other. One of Africa’s largest lagoon systems draining into the the tropical Atlantic ocean is home to aggressive jacks (whitefin and jack crevalle), giant African threadfin, African cubera snapper, tarpon, Senegal kob, and Guinean barracuda all eager to attack a well placed lure or bait. Many of these species grow to more than 50 kg. The estuary (by boat) and adjacent beaches provide unparalleled fishing suited to anglers who like to cast artificials or a combination of lures and natural baits and even flies when conditions are right.

Setta Cama Camp gets a huge tick in the Wildlife and Wilderness box. On guided walks in the nearby Loango National Park (made famous by National Geographic, BBC, etc.) there is always the chance of seeing chimpanzees, lowland gorillas, red river hogs, forest sitatunga, and various forest duikers and monkey species. Beyond that there is every likelihood of encountering forest elephant and forest buffalo sightings on the beach; it's worth going just for this last-chance-to-see experience. Bird enthusiasts can also get in a good couple of 'lifers' with local specials like rosy bee-eater and African river martin, amongst others.

Point St. Catherine Beach Camp

Luxury Camping
Pte. Ste. Cathérine is in the north of Loango National Park, Iguéla, Gabon. The beach camp is situated just a few hundred metres north of where Iguéla Lagoon meets the ocean. Expert eco-guides and an excellent cook are on hand throughout your stay at the beach camp and will ensure you have an unforgettable stay. The point where the lagoon empties into the ocean contains some of the largest game fish in the world, making it an ideal spot for sportfishing – and the camp’s strategic location ensures great fishing just one minute’s walk from your tent...

Fishing Gabon
Nowhere else in western Africa is the coastal environment as unspoiled as it is in Gabon. Along the southern (Loango) coast the scenic mosaic of lagoons, sandy beaches, gallery forest and grassy savannahs remains, together with the fisheries and wildlife, in an almost pristine state. Part of this territory is protected within the Loango National Park. Fishing pressure is limited to local subsistence fishing and only two tourist operations....

North Wales Fly Fishing School

Ozuri Camp
Gabon is humid, although temperatures seldom go above 32c. There is a short rainy season from Nov-to mid –Dec, and the main rains fall from Feb to May. June to Oct is cool 26c and fairly dry. Tarpon are present all year around but the big ones like the rainy months (they hang around the estuary mouths during this period). Nov-April is peak tarpon season. June and July are considered Quietest for tarpon, but best for marlin,sailfish,wahoo,kingfish and other offshore species....

Sport Fish Africa

Tarpon are caught both from the beach and from boats, on lures, livebait or (most often) drifted deadbait; the Iguela record is 254 lb (115 kg). There has been only limited success on flies, sight-casting being difficult in the leaf-stained water....

Tourette Fishing

With some of the the longest stretches of untouched coastline left on the African continent, it is no surprise that Gabon offers sport anglers some of the finest saltwater shore and estuary based game fisheries on the planet. Tourette Fishing is pleased to include Gabon into our portfolio of world class African sportfishing destinations, and put this previously prominent destination back on the map for English speaking travellers....

The Tarpon Of Gabon

Through South African sportfishing consultants Charles Norman Safaris, found via the internet, I managed to visit an angling paradise, Iguela Camp, south of the Gabonese capital Libreville on the west coast of Africa. It is situated on the bank of a massive estuary with the river mouth a few kilometres away...

Fishing in Gabon

Gabon has some very exciting gamefishing and a variety of incredible wildlife, including gorillas, hippos, elephants, buffalo, predators and much more. You can enjoy a fishing holiday or a combination of fishing, safari and gorilla watching. It is an ideal destination for fishermen with non fishing partners....