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You will notice that there is no introduction to this section yet.

I would like to fill this gap with an introduction from a local angler [or someone who is a frequent visiting fisherman] for every one of the geographical pages on

The many thousands of anglers now regularly using these pages prefer to read something written by someone who can see the area from an insider's point of view. They know the best spots, not just the ones that first time or overseas visitors usually visit or that are well known outside of the area.

Each introduction carries the e-mail address of the contributor so that anglers can get in touch with them if, for example, they are planning a trip [unless the contributor is unable to do this] so it could bring you extra business if you own a local fishery or tackleshop, charter boat or magazine etc.

Please get in touch if you feel you can contribute an introduction to this page - you don't have to be an expert; I'm not!

Its sister site, is regularly used by hundreds of thousands of birdwatchers when planning overseas trips or birding closer to home. That site gets four million hits a month and has a high Google rating because it is an information resource that is both comprehensive and trusted.

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Le Morne Angler's Club
Le Morne Angler's Club , Black River, Mauritius - Tel: (230) 483 5801 - Email :

Mauritius Grand Baie

Hotel Details
One of the most well liked resorts in Mauritius is ‘Grand Baie’. It’s mainly popular because of the blue sea and excellent facilities. Grand Baie provides facilities like water skiing, safe swimming, windsurfing and sailing. This town has a wide variety of craft and fashion shops, hotels, restaurants and nightclubs. It’s the departure point for excursion by helicopter. The facilities of deep-sea angling and excursion to north Mauritius by boat are provided...

Ventura Hotel

Hotel Details
A host of facilities are available including deep sea angling and catamaran cruises to the islands in the north of Mauritius: Gunners' Quoin, Flat Island, Round Island, and Serpent Island...

Marlin World Cup 2011

Nestling some 3000 km off the east coast of Africa, just north of the Tropic of Capricorn, is the beautiful Tropical island of Mauritius. This jewel of the Indian Ocean boasts 160 km of coastline surrounded by coral reefs, a breathtaking central plateau and picturesque mountains....

Black River - Fishing Mauritius

Here at Fishing Mauritius we offer some of the finest big game fishing, for Tuna, Marlin and Shark, to both the novice, and experienced angler alike. Our day trips are on the two largest and most successful big game boats, "Tora Tora 2" and "Tora Tora 3" based at Le Morne Anglers Club in the south west of the island...

Black River - JP Henry Charters Ltd

Our base of operation, situated on the West coast of the Island of Mauritius in the middle of the Indian Ocean at Black River Bay, the Morne Angler's Club has been the place for more than 40 years of fantastic deep sea fishing activities with unforgettable and emotional fights against Blue Marlins and other fish leading to victories or deceptions, but always, with the prevailing feeling of great respect for the fish and the nature...

Grand Baie - Sportfisher

Sportfisher itself is situated in the north of the island, in the heart of a very popular and much-frequented village called Grand Baie. (See basic map above.) Our offices border the seaward side of a shopping mall known as Sunset Boulevard, and we are adjacent to the much-loved Sunset Cafe, where sunsets like the one below are experienced during most late afternoons and dusks...

Riviere Noire - Hooker Big Game Fishing

Big-game fishing draws all anglers, from beginners to professionals, straight to our jetty for their thrilling adventure with us. Marlin, shark, wahoo, dorado, tuna, bonito and more all offer sporting action to boast about. Spend an unforgettable voyage off the West Coast of Mauritius, well-beyond the calm coral reefs, to the areas of incredible depths where the monster fish dwell as the sea floor drops off past the 3000m mark. This makes it the perfect place to bring those eager for a trophy catch. While at sea, keep your eyes alert to stand the chance of witnessing unique displays by Mother Nature’s creatures...

Tamarin - Rachelle

Michel and Diren are local fishermen in the fourth generation and crazy about fishing. They give their best to make your fishing trip a memorable adventure. They speak the following languages: French, English, Italian, Creole...

Trou aux Biches - Le Dodo

The team is proud to present the leader of the mauritian Big Game Fleet, because our boat is the Recordholder of the mauritian Blue Marlin Record which was 1430 lbs!

Big Game Fishing - Tamarin Mauritius
Big Game Fishing and Accommodation at reasonable prices!

La Pirogue Big Game Fishing

Run by two specialists, Jean Pierre Henry and Maurice de Speville, assisted by the manager Pascal Henry, our fishing center offers full service starting with immediate confirmation of bookings by fax, telephone, telex or email...

World Sport Fishing

Bespoke Service Offer

Deep Sea Fishing in Mauritius

...Deep-sea fishing, as the name suggests is hunting for the game fishes that are generally found deep out in the sea. And the waters of Mauritius are absolutely perfect for deep-sea fishing. It can be said that Mauritius is indeed an angler's paradise with such an exotic variety of game fishes on offer...

Deep sea fishing Mauritius

2008 Janne get over 10 kg dorado... (sound track in Finnish)

Catching a Bonito off the coast of Mauritius

This is me teaching a Bonito who's Boss off the coast of Mauritius in May, 2009. The sarcastic commentary is from my lovely wife...

Fishing in Mauritius

Jared Fishing in Mauritius Video by Jasper...

GT fishing at Mauritius with Domenic & Peter

Fishing off the rocks...

Mauritius fishing

At Mauritius get 2 local fisher a strong bite on a single hook at a handline. The spanish Mackerel made good action, verry nice...