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The Seychelles Island Group lies between 4 and 10 degrees south of the equator. Just over one hundred islands make up this archipelago and can be assigned to one of two distinct groups; These groups being the inner and outer Islands.

The Inner Islands comprise of roughly 40 granite Islands. Mahe is the principle island in the group. The remaining seventy plus islands belong to the Outer Islands which extend in a SW direction towards the east coast of Africa. The outer islands are made up of 5 groups; The Amirante Islands, Alphonse Group, Aldabra Group, Farquhar Group, and Southern Coral Group. It is to these outer atolls that fly fisherman from around the globe are drawn to the unparallel flats and, not to be neglegted, blue water fly fishing on offer.

Tourette Fishing safaris focus on the Atolls of St Josephs (Amirante Islands), Cosmolido (Aldabra Group) and Farquhar (Farquhar Group). Each atoll offers unique fly fishing opportunities, to suite individual expectations and budgets. All accommodation is liveaboard, in yachts and catamarans ranging in size from 46 – 115ft. For general modus operandi followed when fishing the outer island atolls browse through the St Josephs Atoll Fly Fishing Safari.

Having an in depth understanding of how the different species of fish move and feed on the Atolls of St Joseph’s, Cosmolido and Farquhar is imperative should you want to full appreciate the world class flats fishing on offer. Bonefish, GT’s, trigger fish, permit, milkfish and the less publicized bumphead parrot fish and wrasse species are all popular targets. Fishing the correct location, at the right tide with the right tackle is vital for success.

The deep drop-offs surrounding these atolls offer world class blue water fishing. Sail fish, dogtooth tuna, yellow fin tuna, dorado and wahoo are all on offer. Hookless teasing is a productive method when targeting sailfish, wahoo and dorado. Deep dredging over mapped pinnacles and reef walls is also productive when targeting doggies and yellow fin tuna. On a couple of occasions we have even landed sail fish off the tender boats when transferring from the flats to the mother ship.

Tour guides have an in-depth knowledge of these dynamic atolls, are qualified skippers, and have a wealth of flats and blue water fly fishing experience. Their knowledge and skill, transferred to you, will make sure you fully experience the finest salt water fly fishing the Indian Ocean has to offer when you visit the wild outer islands of the Seychelles.

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You do not have to venture far from Seychelles’ shores to break fishing records in the archipelago. International sport and recreational fishermen enthusiastically return each year to these waters that already boast world records for striped bonito, bonefish, giant guitarfish, bigeye trevally, bluefin trevally, giant trevally, moustache grouper, humphead maori wrasse and dogtooth tuna...

Your holidays should be a unique experience.
We advise you and together we will create an individual dreamlike holiday package. The Seychelles are one of the most attractive destinations worldwide, set in the beautiful Indian Ocean. We are looking forward to introducing you a very special offer. We have visited all of our accommodations personally to ensure high quality and to come up to your expectations...

Bird Island Eco-Lodge

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The view from the air on arrival tells you what Mother Nature has created man must not alter. This is what we feel is the most powerful sentiment upheld by Bird Island Lodge. A stay here is a glimpse into the intense ecological beauty of the Seychelles, where nature dominates and humans are the minority...

Denis Island Resort
Denis Island offers genuine, hospitable service and is one of our favourites, especially for those seeking intimacy, romance and tranquility, not to mention world class sport fishing...

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Seychelles has some of the richest fishing grounds in the world and you do not have to venture far from the shore to break fishing records. Seychelles’ waters already boast world records for pacific bonito and dog-tooth tuna while the Outer Islands have become the epicentre of salt-water fly-fishing...

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Cosmoledo, located approximately 600 miles south west of Mahe and 200 miles North of Madagascar in the far reaches of the Aldabra chain. This stunning jewel in the Indian Ocean is home to some of the finest wildlife and flats fishing anywhere on the globe, and is an adventure in itself. A 3 hour flight from Mahe to Assumption, followed by an overnight crossing aboard will have you standing on flats that have hardly seen fishermen, and fish that have barely seen flies. It is a bonefish and trevally heaven...


Bonefish Discovery of the Decade - If you're looking to experience some incredible bonefishing, the Seychelles are the place to go...

Seychelles Fly Fishing Expeditions

This trip is for the discerning destination angler who has the time and resources to make this extraordinary journey. We view the Cosmoledo Atoll experience as not just a fishing trip, but rather, a life adventure by which all other adventures will be measured against....

Silhouette Cruises Ltd

Whether you’re out to break a Seychelles fishing record, many of which rank at or near the top of the International Game Fishing Association’s record books, or even if you simply wish to enjoy a leisurely Seychelles fishing experience, this Indian Ocean archipelago offers both novice and expert fishermen alike a rich bounty of fish through a variety of exciting fishing techniques...

Tail Waters Fly Fishing

Alphonse Island
Alphonse Island Resort resides on the former coconut plantation island of Alphonse at the tip of the Amirantes Group, which is a one-hour charter flight from the international airport on Mahe Island. This tiny island and five star resort is home to anglers for their week of some of the most spectacular and diverse saltwater fishing on earth...

The Fishing at Alphonse & St Francois

Each day you will depart from Alphonse in Tam Tam, a comfortable and fast mothership, which will take you on a 40 minute journey to the uninhabited atoll of St Francois. Consisting of a central lagoon, vast hard white-sand flats and a coral perimeter reef it is considered by many to be the worlds most exquisite and diverse saltwater fishery...

Tourette Fishing

All Tourette Fishing guides have an in-depth knowledge of these dynamic atolls...

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With most islands lying outside the cyclone belt, Seychelles fishing is year round in over 1.4 million km² of fish-rich waters that surrounds the 115 sparkling and diverse isles of the archipelago. With such diversity and choice in fishing locations, your Seychelles fishing experience promises you excitement and the possibility of landing your dream catch...

Fishing in Seychelles

You do not have to venture far from Seychelles’ shores to break fishing records in the archipelago. International sport and recreational fishermen enthusiastically return each year to these waters that already boast world records for striped bonito, bonefish, giant guitarfish, bigeye trevally, bluefin trevally, giant trevally, moustache grouper, humphead maori wrasse and dogtooth tuna...

Fly Fishing and Game Fishing in the Seychelles

We recommend the outer islands such as Denis, Bird, Desroches, Poivre and Alphonse. These islands are near to the continental shelf drop-offs and are a mecca for the large, fighting fish. However, game...

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The Seychelles archipelago comprises of 115 islands scattered across 1,340,000 square kilometres of the Indian Ocean. The total land mass covers 455 square kilometres whilst the rest represents some of the best fishing ground in the world...

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