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Much of the ocean around the islands is a marine preserve. In 1992 a management plan was created for the Galapagos Marine Reserve, but due to lack of organization and involvement it went basically ignored. In 1997 renewed effort have brought about dramatic changes to the preserving the marine environment. All of the local sectors (fishing, tourism and conservation) have been brought together to negotiate protecting these resources. Finally in 1998 The Galapagos Marine Reserve was created. Designed to protect the waters surrounding the Galapagos Islands and the resources they contain.In theory all recreational fishing is banned. At the same time, however, the GNP issues special licences to select local fishermen and their boats to offer “Artisanal Vivencial Fishing” (Vivencial Fishing, for short). With these Vivencial Fishing permits you can be taken fishing for all but a few protected species by some licenced operators.
Fatfisherman strongly supports such conservation efforts.

Galapagos Fishing Charters for Marlin

Artmarina offers fishing aboard our fleet of three fully rigged sportfishing boats and exquisitely maintained 35', 34' or 31' Galapagos Islands fishing charter boats - all operated by English speaking Captains with 2 man crews...