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Falkland Islands
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You will notice that there is no introduction to this section yet.

I would like to fill this gap with an introduction from a local angler [or someone who is a frequent visiting fisherman] for every one of the geographical pages on

The many thousands of anglers now regularly using these pages prefer to read something written by someone who can see the area from an insider's point of view. They know the best spots, not just the ones that first time or overseas visitors usually visit or that are well known outside of the area.

Each introduction carries the e-mail address of the contributor so that anglers can get in touch with them if, for example, they are planning a trip [unless the contributor is unable to do this] so it could bring you extra business if you own a local fishery or tackleshop, charter boat or magazine etc.

Please get in touch if you feel you can contribute an introduction to this page - you don't have to be an expert; I'm not!

Its sister site, is regularly used by hundreds of thousands of birdwatchers when planning overseas trips or birding closer to home. That site gets four million hits a month and has a high Google rating because it is an information resource that is both comprehensive and trusted.

Help me make the first point of reference for anyone who wants to go fishing anywhere in the world!

Falklands Fishing
The Falkland Islands have long fascinated visitors from around the world. The islands, over 700 of them, have excellent sea trout fishing, rich and varied wildlife, temperate climate and friendly welcoming people...

Falklands Fishing

Ladatco Tours
Featuring Fishing the Rivers of the Falkland Islands "Where Nature Still Reigns"...

Fishing in the Falklands

I am a Sergeant in the Royal Air Force. I came to be there on a four month tour on a mountain radar site on the north west tip of the West Falklands at a place called Byron Heights. We were visited daily (weather permitting) by a helicopter which brought visitors and supplies. The nearest civilisation was a farmstead around eight miles away, the whole area reminded me of what the wild west must have been like more than a hundred years ago!