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One of New Zealand's Trout Waters © Fatangler
Australasia covers a huge area of the pacific with the largest island in the world [Australia] and many of its smallest nations. Outside of the main land masses sport fishing is sea fishing with very large game fish often being the quarry. However, there are also many places one can fish the surf and enjoy subtler forms of our art from fly-fishing to hand-lining.

In New Zealand large lakes hold some of the biggest trout in the world and in Australia many lakes and rivers hold hard fighting giants like the Murray Cod, Australian Bass and the famed Barramundi.

All around Australia's coasts are a plethora of charter boats for deep sea fishing for Mahi Mahi, Blue Wahoo, Tuna and many more, as are there at several places in New Zealand. In the smaller islands sportfishing is merely an extension of the local need to fish for food.

A vastly popular sport and pastime for those chasing the giants of the deep or the subtle art of landing a fly on the nose of an Australasian trout.

Fifty Places To Fish Before You Die

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