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New Caledonia
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New Caledonia is a 'special collectivity' of France located in the southwest Pacific Ocean, 1,210 km east of Australia. The archipelago, part of the Melanesia subregion, includes the main island of Grande Terre, the Loyalty Islands, the Chesterfield Islands, the Belep archipelago, the Isle of Pines, and a few remote islets. The Chesterfield Islands are in the Coral Sea. Locals refer to Grande Terre as "Le Caillou" ("the stone").

New Caledonia has a land area of 18,576 sq km. The population (Jan 2012) is just 256,000. The population is a mix of Kanak people (the original inhabitants of New Caledonia), people of European descent (Caldoches and Metropolitan Frenchmen), Polynesian people (Wallisians essentially), and Southeast Asian people. The capital of the territory is Nouméa.

The mainland is divided in length by a central mountain range whose highest peaks are Mont Panié (1,629m) in the north and Mont Humboldt (1,618m) in the southeast. The east coast is covered by a lush vegetation. The west coast, with its large savannahs and plains suitable for farming, is a drier area. Many ore-rich massifs are found along this coast.

New Caledonia's longest river is the Diahot River, flowing for some 100 kilometres. It has a catchment area of 620 square kilometres and opens north-westward into the Baie d'Harcourt, flowing towards the northern point of the island along the western escarpment of the Mount Panié. Most of the island is covered by wet evergreen forests, while savannahs dominate the lower elevations.

The New Caledonian lagoon, with a total area of 24,000 square kilometres is one of the largest lagoons in the world. It is surrounded by the New Caledonia Barrier Reef.

The climate is tropical, with a hot and humid period from November to March with temperatures of 27C-30 C, and a cooler, dry period from June to August with temperatures 20C-23C. The tropical climate is moderated by the trade winds that reduces humidity.

Rainfall differs greatly within the island. 3,000 millimetres recorded in Galarino is three times the average of the west coast. There are also dry periods, because of the effects of El Niño. Between December and April, tropical depressions and cyclones can cause winds to exceed a speed of 100 kilometres per hour with gusts of 250 kilometres per hour and torrential rainfall. New Caledonia offers some freshwater fishing opportunities in the rivers and especially at Lake Yate, which is located in the South half an hour from Noumea. It is a large reservoir where you can fish for black bass, a cousin of trout that can reach 30 cm., as well as brown trout.For salt water enthusiasts the variety of species and sites make it one of the finest fishing destinations in the world. Even novices will find the perfect place.

Along the reef fishing using poppers and jigs can produce some real monsters including Dogtooth Tuna, Wahoo, Jobfish, Red Carp, Grouper, Tazars, Yellowfin Tuna and Sailfish.

Deep sea fishing offers top sporting fish such as Marlin, Mahi-mahi and Rainbow Runners.

Fly fishing is possible for large pelagic fish that abound in New Caledonian waters including Skip Jack, Queen Fish, Mékoua, Tazar, Tuna and more. Flats fishing can be had in the region of Poum in the Northern part of Grande Terre where Bonefish can go to 5 kilos and most prized of all the delicious Giant Trevally (locally called Bacum).


New Caledonia Fishing
the heart of the South Pacific,New Caledonia, a French Archipelago,shelters one of the world largest lagoonsurrounded by a 1600 km coral reef barrier...

Association de Peche Sportive de Nouvelle Caledonie
Created at the beginning for largemouth bass fishing and preservation, our club has now a Fly fishing section. New Caledonia has a huge potential for seawater fly fishing with the biggest bonefish - probably the next world record will come from here - and also giant trevally, jacks, groupers, snapper...

New Caledonia Resort Listings
Annotated List....

New Caledonia Yacht Charter and Boat Hire

New Caledonia is an overseas territory of France, made up of a main island, Grande Terre and several smaller islands. It is located in the region of Melanesia in the southwest Pacific about halfway between Fiji and Australia. Noumea is the centre for yacht charters...

Noumea Discovery Tours

Fishing Tour
Departing from the passenger terminal you will head out of the protected lagoon into the wide-open ocean to search for the big game fish that make this sport so exciting...

Ultimate Lady
New Caledonia looks like an anglers paradise. The main island stretches for 200nm and is surrounded by reef, which forms the barrier to the worlds largest natural lagoon. New Cals reefs are similar, if not identical as the famed Great Barrier Reef of Queensland, Australia. There are the inlets and passages, drop offs, and ledges, boomies and tide rips which all smells of great fishing. When flying into Noumea, a quick look out the window will quickly get the blood boiling...

Dean Butler's Sportfishing Tours
Dean Butlers Sportfishing Adventures New Caledonia bonefish. "I think its fair to say that there is no other fish swimming in the worlds waters that has captured the imagination of more serious saltwater fly fisherman than the bonefis."

Nautilus Tours
Four starting points for your fishing trips around the Main Island : La Foa, Bourail, Poindimié, and north of Noumea for day trips. Access to Ouvea and Isle of Pines for exclusive fishing trips...

New Caledonia Fishing Safaris
Richard Bertin, managing director of NCFS is a passionate outfitter. At eight and a half years old, he took his first salmon on a fly on the Eriff River, a little Irish river and then he never stop his passion of sport fishing and Hunting...

2001 [December] - Didier Van der Veecken's report on New Caledonia
...Philippe is assisted by 2 or 3 guides who know all the different reefs, islands and flats. The guides are native Kanaks, very nice and very good companions. They love to laugh and joke. They have extremely good eyes and see most of the fish. However, they are not fly fishermen and you need to know what you are doing. They find the fish, you fight the fish. They gave us very long fishing days...

New Caledonia fly fishing and big game fishing
There are two sorts of fishing in New Caledonia; big game fishing aboard a boat rigged for trolling, and fly fishing, jigging and popping from small boats...

Angling New Caledonia
These island groups are surrounded by the world’s largest barrier reef, enclosing the main islands in something like a vast, shallow, bright turquoise lagoon which offers some of the best light tackle and fly fishing in the South Pacific...

GT Popping Resource
...A short flight from the east coast of Australia, New Caledonia is only a stone's throw away for serious Australian GT anglers. This beautiful barrier reef fringed nation is the home monstrous GTs - a place which could very well produce a future world record catch...

Simply Awesome GT Popping in New Caledonia
Video from a commercial fishing outfitter - Ocean Blue Fishing