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Sailfish caught & released from Catana 582, Mariah off Vava'u Tonga ©Scott Fratcher of Tonga Charters
Tonga is located about 250 miles south of Samoa and 1200 miles north of New Zealand in the heart of the South Pacific. Vava’u (Vava u) is the center of the tourist industry due to it’s many attractions including: Birding, Game fishing, Caving, Geocashing, Diving the coral reefs, Snorkeling the many shallow coral gardens, Swimming with the whales. (Aug-October - Tonga is one of only two locations in the world that allows swimming with whales) and Listening to world renown choirs in the many local churches.

Tonga is one of the most economical Polynesian islands to visit with moderately priced hotels and restaurants available while ‘high end’ service is available from a few of the exclusive charter boats and resorts.


Vava u Tonga and the surrounding waters are known for world class fishing. Just one recent tournament reported - The tournament billfish figures were incredible .... 115 confirmed billfish strikes, 82 hook ups and 33 tagged billfish (2 Sailfish, 1 Striped Marlin, 1 Black Marlin and 29 Blue Marlin)... now that is world class fishing. 

Tongan near coastal waters abound with fish including:

Marlin &
Giant Trevlley
as well as many other ocean predators. Billfish are commonly caught, with a thousand pound Marlin being caught as late as October 2009.

Many international fishing competitions come to Tonga every year including the Tonga International Billfish Tournament where boats averaged four strikes per day.

Vava u has many charter boat operators and dedicated whale watching boats. Expeditions are easy to arrange through the many websites. Use search terms such as ‘Tonga Charter’ and ‘Vavau Charter’ or ‘Tonga Fishing’ for a selection of available operators.

Scott Fratcher

Captain Mariah, Catana 582
(Vava'u Tonga)
yachtwork [AT]

Tonga Game Fishing
offers excellent game fishing opportunities and there are ample game fishing charters to help you catch the prize game. Most are based in Vava'u where the deep channels and currents attract the big game, but a couple also operate on the main island of Tongatapu...

Jones E M Ltd

Nukualofa Tongatapu - 0067 623422

Vava’u Sports Fishing Club (VSFC)
In the early 1990’s the Tonga International Game Fish Association (TIGFA) was established to facilitate local and visitor catch records. As the sport developed, Nukualofa and Vava’u Sport fishing Clubs were established in July 2002 to record local records and TIGFA became the parent association responsible for National Records and one tournament event – the Tonga Nationals held in December each year. TIGFA and the local clubs are affiliated to IGFA and follow strict international angling rules...

Tonga Fish Tales
On behalf of the VSFC & Members all the best for the Festive Season and we hope to see you back in Vava’u in 2010...

Hakula Lodge - Vava'u

At Hakula Lodge Vava'u Tonga you have simply the best accommodation available in Vava'u , Tonga...

Ika Lahi Lodge

The lodge is just 10 minutes from the 1,000-meter drop off so you get 10hrs on the water, hard out fishing, every day. With two sport-fishing vessels to choose from...

Lucky's Beach Houses

Beach Houses
At Lucky's Beach, we love to fish. Our favorite type is popping for Giant Trevally (GT)...

Tonga Game Fishing Resorts

The definitive guide for tonga game fishing charters. Click on tonga resorts name to view detailed information with pictures, hotel location map, independent reviews and to make a booking enquiry. All prices are quoted as the official nightly hotel rate for two people including all taxes...

Tonga International Billfish Tournament

Nuku’alofa - Tonga Charters
Tonga Charters, located in the capital city of Nuku’alofa, offers scuba diving, snorkeling, spearfishing, gamefishing, whale watching and more. All in the pristine waters surrounding the Kingdom of Tonga...

Vava'u - GT Fishing Charters

GT Fishing
Your guide has over 15 years experience popping in Hawaii and has spent the last 4 years searching Vava'u for prime fishing locations. He would love to take you to the remote reefs to try your luck with these bruts of the sea...

Vava'u - Kiwi Magic
Pat and Keith McKee - PO Box 153, Neiafu, Vava’u, Kingdom Of Tonga - Phone/Fax: +676 71032 - Mobile: +676 12-149 - or

Vava'u - Poppin' Tonga

Your fishing platform is named Lupo. In the Tongan Language it is the name of the smaller Trevally (quick and agile). Lupo is a Boston Whaler, Montauk 17, which is excellent for 2 anglers,one forward and one aft. It is powered by a 2009 Yamaha 60 HP 4-stroke for quiet cruising the reef edges....

Vava'u - Tahi Pacifika
The sea (tahi) around Vava'u is well known for the excellent blue water sportfishing including marlin, tuna, mahimahi, sailfish, wahoo and more...

Vava'u - Target One
Welcome aboard "Target One", a fast 27' game fishing and sport fishing boat, operating in the warm, clear blue waters of Vava'u in the Kingdom of Tonga...

Vava'u - Tonga Charter
Vava'u is regarded as one of the best game-fishing destinations in the Pacific and a prime site for catching marlin... Tonga and the surrounding waters are known for world class fishing...

Dive Fish Snow Travel - Fishing in Tonga
Tonga is an archipelago of 170 tropical islands scattered across a 425 km stretch of the South Pacific just 775 km south east of Fiji. Fewer than 40 of the islands are inhabited. It is the island group of Vava’u in the north of Tonga where its islands rise from the iridescent waters that surround the emerald green islands and their white sandy beaches, that the fishing is at its best...

Ika Lahi International Game Fishing Lodge
"Ika Lahi" translated, means "Big Fish - Many Fish" and you will not be disappointed with the World Class Fishing that abounds in Vava'u, Tonga's crystal clear waters...

Travel Maxia

These Fishing specials are posted DIRECT by the Resort, Hotel or Cruise Operator!

Ed’s Tonga Fishing Update
Well the time is closing before Jack arrives here in the Kingdom of Tonga for an action packed fishing adventure. I wish I had more time to dedicate to planning the trip but as Jack mentioned in a previous post I have a looming exam on Nov 6th and to top it off I have a major assignment due shortly. So it is study, study, study for me at the moment...

Fish Tonga
Vava'u Tonga has a reputation as the premium Sport fishing and Big Game fishing destination in the South Pacific. The waters of Vava'u Tonga are over 1000 meters deep less than a mile of shore...

Fish Tonga with us

As you sit there reading this in the grip of the winter cold, imagine being in the tropics for a week of fishing and relaxation...

Fishing in the Kingdom of Tonga
The Kingdom of Tonga is widely regarded as a ‘fisherman’s Kingdom’ and it has the largest game fishing fleet in the South Pacific. Your chances of catching the mighty Blue Marlin are better in the Kingdom of Tonga than almost anywhere in the world...

Guide to the Fun of Fishing in The Kingdom of Tonga
Tonga has a small but growing fleet of large game boats for charter based both in Tongatapu and Vava'u. These can be booked through your travel agent and tour wholesaler or arrangements can be made through the resort you choose to stay at. These boats are fully outfitted with tackle of a high standard and can meet all your needs for a day's fishing...

Tonga fishing

Ika Lahi Lodge is right on the foreshore inside Hunga Island Lagoon. The 5 acre site includes a private sandy beach which is ideal for swimming, snorkeling and kayaking. The lagoon cliffs provide a natural and beautiful sheltered playground for you to enjoy and explore....