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Young Fatfisherman outdoing his dad on the carp-catching front...
Below you will find links to some websites covering the whole of England. But, click on the interactive map below and you will be taken to individual county pages with the most comprehensive information on fishing in each English county to be found anywhere on the net.

Whilst it is the biggest free resource on the internet for English anglers I am always updating the site and adding to it. If you know of a website currently not featured please let me know. I am also keen to display pictures of local venues and have introductions to each English county page written by a local fisherman. If you think you fit the bill please get in touch. I'm not looking for professional writers or even the best fishermen and women, just enthusiastic anglers who know their county well and can extol its virtues to potential visitors. This website in an attempt to give the most comprehensive information in the world and bring together anglers everywhere.

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Get Hooked Guide to Angling in South West England

by Graham Sleeman Diamond Publications 2009
ISBN: 9780954917531
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Mag-it Vending Machines

You can find "Mag-it" bait at over forty locations in the East of England, usually near to popular fishing spots. This site lists many in East Anglia and a few other localities...

BDAA - Where to fish

List of other where to fish websites...

Do Free Fishing


Fish Here

Gazetteer of UK fisheries - not as comprehensive as Fatfisherman - but a useful source of information...



Fishing UK


Go Fishing




Where to Fish

Where to Fish in England

Where to Fish UK


Angling Trust

Angling Trust is the new, single organisation to represent all game, coarse and sea anglers and angling in England. The formation of Angling Trust brings with it a positive new future for angling. For the first time ever, there is a single body to take cohesive action to solve all the problems that affect our sport. Please take a look around this section of the website to read more about the work we do and in what ways becoming a member of Angling Trust can benefit you.

Central Association of London and Provincial Angling Clubs

Offers a variety of coarse fishing including rivers, canals and lakes. Some are available to MEMBERS only, while others are available to all anglers holding a current EA fishing licence on a day ticket basis...

England Youth Flyfishing Association

Youth International competitive fly fishing started in 1985 after Moc Morgan OBE, the well known and respected Welsh TV personality and angler, issued a challenge to Tom Bilson the senior's International President and one of the founders of the Confederation of English Fly Fishers to select a team of 10 youngsters to compete against a Welsh team on Llandegfedd reservoir. Russell Owen, the 1993 World Fly fishing Champion was a member of that Welsh team. Wales won the match but Henry Bannerman of England was top rod...

English Carp Heritage Organisation (ECHO)

The English Carp Heritage Organisation (ECHO) was formally launched on the 23rd April 2001. The brainchild of two well known anglers, Ian Chillcott and Keith Jenkins, ECHO has become the largest supported angling-related pressure group, solely dedicated to maintaining the health and welfare of the UK's carp stocks...

Federation of Midland Fly Fishers [FMFFA]

Welcome to the Federation of Midland Fly Fishers (Anglia) website. FMFFA consists of 9 member clubs, representing approximately 500 individual anglers. We organise the annual, regional competitions on Grafham and Rutland for these members who wish to compete in the national match organised to select those who will fish for England in International matches. This year, these Qualifiers are on the 10th May at Rutland and on the 26th June at Grafham. The draw for the healthy entry of 56 anglers is posted on the website...

Ladies Flyfishing Association Northeast

The aim of the association is to promote fly fishing by, for, and amongst ladies...

Lymn Angling Club

Lymn Angling Club is one of the premier angling clubs in the UK. Based in northwest England, it has a variety of waters that cater for specimen, pleasure and match anglers alike.

South West Lakes Trust

Established in April 2000, South West Lakes Trust is the South West's largest conservation and recreation charity. It was created to encourage, promote and enhance sustainable recreation, access, nature conservation and education on and around over 50 inland waters in the South West for the benefit of all.

Verulam Angling Club

Full details of waters etc. in the guide for new members here: - One theme that is constantly repeated on the VAC Forum and on the bank side is that the VAC has a reputation of being a proper fishing 'club' offering not just good fishing but good fisheries...

West Country Rivers Trust

The Westcountry Rivers Trust is an environmental charity (Charity No: 1045806) established in 1995 to secure the preservation, protection, development and improvement of the rivers, streams, watercourses and water impoundments in the Westcountry and to advance the education of the public in the management of water.

Quiet Sports Fishery Management

The largest commercial fisheries managers in the UK...

Fish Pal

England offers some of the most varied fishing to be found anywhere! We provide dynamically updated information on water levels, daily catches and rod availability with online or telephone booking. The advice pages cover where and when to go, what to bring and where to stay. You should find everything you need to easily organise your trips fishing in England...

Fish South East

If like us, you love coarse fishing and live in or are visiting the South East corner of England, this site is for you. With hundreds of well stocked commercial fisheries, miles of canals and many stretches of superb river fishing, S.E. England offers some exceptional coarse fishing...

Get Hooked

This site has been running for 14 years and has been developed on the success of the annual (now bi-annual) publication The Get Hooked Guide to Angling in South West England, now in its 16th edition, published in partnership with the Environment Agency.

UK Rivers Network

Fishing is one of our top sports and pastimes. There are over 4 million anglers in the UK and some 34 million people fish in the United States each year. Anglers don't just enjoy themselves: they are at the front-line of river conservation. They have an interest in keeping rivers clean, well-stocked, and non-polluted...