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Estonia is a state in the Baltic region of Northern Europe. It is bordered to the north by the Gulf of Finland, to the west by the Baltic Sea, to the south by Latvia and to the east by the Lake Peipsi and the Russian Federation. Across the Baltic Sea lies Sweden in the west and Finland in the north. The territory of Estonia covers 45,227 km2 (17,462 sq miles) and is influenced by a temperate seasonal climate. Estonia's land border with Latvia runs 267 kilometers; the Russian border runs 290 kilometers. Estonia lies between 57.3° and 59.5° N and 21.5° and 28.1° E. There is 3,794 kilometers (2,357 mi) of coastline marked by numerous bays, straits, and inlets. The number of islands and islets is estimated at some 1,500.

The major river is the Narva (or Narova) flowing into the Baltic Sea. Draining the Lake Peipsi, the river flows on the border of Estonia and Russia through the cities of Narva/Ivangorod and Narva-Jõesuu into Narva Bay. Though length of the river is only 77 km, by discharge it is the second largest river flowing into the Finnish Gulf. The river is dammed entering Narva and Ivangorod, forming the Narva Reservoir, which extends up to 38 km upstream.

Recreational Fishing in Estonia
Fishing with the following sport fishing tackle is allowed on the basis of fee for the right to fish for recreation: more than one simple hand line; hand line; spinning reel; troll; pulling device; fly hook; bottom line (tonka, krunda); unanchored trimmer; hook line for Baltic herring fishing and harpoon gun and up to five-prong harpoon for underwater fishing. Specific descriptions of fishing tackle are given in the Fishing Rules (3 and 4)...

Tallinn - Jahipaun

Tartu mnt. 87, 10112 Tallinn - Tel: +372 6 006 270 - email:

Tallinn - Kalale

Tulika 66-10, Tallin - Ttel: +372 5254488 - email: - Sales of everything you need for fishing...

Tallinn - M & V Kaubad

Peterburi Tee 44, Tallinn - Ttel: 605 2801

Tallinn - Salmo & Luts

Mustamäe tee 50, 10621 Tallinn - Tel: +372 6 775 747 - email:

Tartu - Trapper

Võru 80, Tartu - Tel: 734 3900 - email:

Plaani Lodge

Voru maakond 65134, Estonia - Tel No: 0037258362904 - E-mail: - Family run guest house with lake, superb coarse fishing in totally unspoilt surroundings. Guide service, free bait supply, some tackle for guests to use free of charge, airport collection service...

Fishing adventures in Estonia
You are in the middle of unmolested nature. Away from things we have used to be with. Away from city noise, away from everything which accompanies human activity. Only you, your fly rod and wild nature. Estonia can offer you all this. Estonia is as big as some other European countries. But density of population is many times smaller...

Fishing trips in Estonia
Our company is organizing fishing trips in Estonia. We offer You complete service. That means we organize everything- accommodation, transport, food, everything. In Estonia, we have 7000 rivers and streams; 2000 lakes and lot of coastline...

Global Fishing Trips - Estonia - Saaremaa
Fishing package in Estonia, Saaremaa. The Saaremaa is the biggest island of Estonia and is located towards west of mainland. The Saaremaa has good ferry and road connections and offers comfortable and high quality accomodation and good fishing. Enjoy the experience of fishing on your own surrounded by a unique, beautiful Saaremaa coast landscape...

Fly Fishing Estonia

Information introduces flyfishing opportunites in Estonia and helps local fly fishermen communicate. Although the main target group is local fly fishermen, we provide a short overview for international fly fishermen also...

Gone Fishin’ in Estonia
Fishing in Estonia, like elsewhere, is a matter of lie-telling, with the occasional grain of truth. Unlike in other regions, however, it is almost forbiddingly difficult to take part in the sport here without a good local connection. Ice-, spinning, net-, canepole fishing and even electric shock wire are all used to catch a variety of fresh and saltwater species in the country. But newcomers will find themselves with an empty creel if they don’t put in some advanced research...

Pocket Guide for Recreational Fishing in Estonia

Printable pocket guide...

Recreational fishing in Estonia
Everyone is allowed to fish free of charge and without a special fishing permit with one simple hand line from sunrise to sunset on a water body belonging to the state and a local government or on a privately owned water body designated for public use, taking into account the restrictions set for permitted fishing seasons, areas and fish species...

Recreational fishing in Estonia
Waters, tackle etc...

Fly Fishing from Estonia

Fly fishing in Estonia
Fly fishing in unmolested Estonian nature...