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Angling in Europe

Angling is a global sport that is enjoyed by hundreds of millions around the world. The diverse nature of our planet means that a massive array of species can be found in a vast multitude of interesting places.

In recent decades the potential of European waters have come to light with some of the largest fresh water species being caught right on our door step. Each country in Europe has its own angling gems and Tackle Fanatics have put together a brief guide to the top three countries to assist you in locating your angling heaven.


France has long been the angling mecca for specimen anglers; its huge lakes and rivers have long held a large head of specimen fish. The whole of France is littered with water that hold large fish and finding the right one for you is easy as there are a number of angling holiday companies that will assist you in finding the right venue for you. With France being so close to the UK and with ease of travel to the majority of venues being only a matter of hours France, it's the ideal destination for British anglers wanting to try fishing abroad for the first time or simply wanting to just fish for a few days. If you fancy trying your hand at river fishing then the River Seine throws up a number of large fish all year round and can be fished from right in the centre of Paris. The most famous still water in France is Rainbow Lake, which holds fish of World Record proportions and is the venue that epitomises all that French specimen angling has to offer.


Spain is an emerging specimen fishing destination and rapidly becoming a favourite with anglers from across the world. Its rivers and lakes contain some of the largest carp, zander, roach and catfish in the world. The most popular venue is the River Ebro in northern Spain. This huge river system is famous for its large catfish and carp, but other smaller species such as zander and roach also grow to monstrous proportions. Due to the warm climate in Spain the rivers and lakes can be fished all year round, but finding the places to fish can be the biggest challenge. There are a number of guiding services that operate in Spain which will help you to fish in the most productive areas.


Germany has always been a haven for specimen anglers due to the vast waterways and lakes that hold some of the largest and most prestigious specimens on the continent. Massive carp, pike, perch and catfish are the most common targets when visiting Germany. Whether you wish to target huge pike on windswept lakes or simply want to target monster catfish on the many productive rivers it is vital that you do your research and once again there are a number of guiding services available to the angler that will assist in locating the best venues and swims for your chosen target.

Europe really has some of the highlights of the global angling scene and still has unknown potential that can only be discovered by getting out on the bank and trying to tap into an angling paradise.

Duncan Hayward

Tackle Fanatics, 253 Burlington Road, New Malden, Surrey, KT3 4NE - 0208 949 3307

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