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Marettimo Island and the Sicily sea Vincenzo Tavassi
Italy is a unitary parliamentary republic in south-central Europe. It lies between latitudes 35 and 48 N, and longitudes 6 and 19 E. To the north it borders France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia along the Alps. To the south it consists of the entirety of the Italian Peninsula, Sicily, Sardinia - the two largest islands in the Mediterranean Sea - and many other smaller islands. The territory is influenced by a temperate seasonal climate. The country's total area is 301,230 km, of which 294,020 km is land and 7,210 km is water. Including the islands, Italy has a coastline and border of 7,600 km on the Adriatic, Ionian, Tyrrhenian seas.

With 60.6 million inhabitants, it is the fifth most populous country in Europe, and the 23rd most populous in the world.

Fishing & Angling Permits in Italy
Information on fishing, angling and the permits required for the fresh water rivers, lakes and dams of the Lazio provinces, as well as sea fishing off the Italian coast. Information includes contacts for local fishing associations...

Italia Fishing

We bring specialist high quality Italian fishing gear direct to you at trade prices...

Utopia Tackle
On-line Italian tackle shop...

Bracciano Lake

Satellite View,
Classed as a mixed fishery. Plenty of doubles and twenties available. Certainly fish of over forty pounds exist...

Lake Bolsena

Satellite View
Everyone has heard of the Italian Lakes but few know of the beautiful Lake Bolsena and the historic region that surrounds it in the heart of Italy, not far from Rome. It remains one of Italy's best kept secrets. Located on the borders of Tuscany and Lazio, Lake Bolsena is formed in the crater of an extinct volcano. Its crystal clear waters teem with fish and lap against fine sandy beaches...

Lake Como

Satellite View
The main fishing season occurs in the late summer as fish spawn between the end of July and beginning of September. This is the time when you will see many of Lake Como's famous Lucia fishing boats out on the lake. You will also see many of the locals fishing by the lakeside. There are some areas where fishing is prohibited but there are normally signs to indicate this...

Largo de Salasco

Satellite View
Lago de Salasco is a fantastic lake, situated in the foothills of the Alps, nestled amongst some of Italy's most stunning countryside. Its stocked to the brim with the highest quality carp, Mirrors, Commons & Some very hard fighting Grass carp, with plenty over 30lbs and several approaching the 60lbs mark...

FIPSAS - Federazione Italiana Pesca Sportiva (Italian Sports Fishing Federation)
Viale Tiziano 70, 00196 Rome - Tel: 06 36858260

Film of fishing...

Italy B A S S Nation

Benvenuto nel nuovo sito di BASSDIVION.IT Il nuovo sito e' ancora in allestimento, nel frattempo potete trovare le seguenti informazioni...

Il Forum di Pescare Online

In Italian

World Carp Classic
World Carp Classic - Official Global Website - Lake Bolsena 30th September - 5th October 2013

Favignana Island, Sicily - Freccia Delle Egadi Fishing Charter

The experience of catching big fishes in the Sicilian channel! One of most fishy areas of Italy and of the entire Mediterranean sea! Swordfishes, Tuna fishes, Groupers and many more await you in our still unspoilt waters, sailing from Favignana, the biggest island of the Egadi archipelago (7km away from Trapani, Western Sicily Coast)...

Adventure Fishing Holidays

Largo de Salasco is a 20-acre Italian lake briming with carp, catfish and trout. This tour offers you a week's fishing at this top Italian fishing destination and a chance to catch plenty of big fish...

FlyFishing Italy

We offer a professional fly fishing guide service and we are pleased to add that a few of our guides are members of the Italian National Fly Fishing Team. We pride ourselves in working closely with our clients, building our tours according to their desires. There are various opportunities to fly fish both in Tuscany and in other regions of Italy. We specialize in organizing outings to suit our clients needs,offering both one day and weekend tours. The prices vary according to the tour chosen by our clients and include guide service, fishing licenses, equipment, Pic-nic Basket, transportation to and from the fishing spots when near Florence. Top quality fly fishing services in Italy. Choose from an unrivalled number of scenic river fly fishing locations. ...

Italy Fishing Reports

Below are the recent 3 Italy subscriber-written reports...

A Short Guide to Fly-fishing the Rivers of Central Italy

I noticed that there've been a few questions on fly-fishing in Italy, and I thought I'd share my experiences fishing some of the rivers in Central Italy, particularly in the regions of Lazio and Abruzzo...

Fishing in Italy

Italy offers abundant fishing opportunities, both fresh and salt water, and over 2m people take part in the sport annually...

Flyfish Dolomiti
Flyfishing with Angelo Piller in the Dolomites and surrounding areas!

Hobby Pesca

Pesca Sportiva in Mare e Acque Interne (Sea and freshwater angling guide)...

L'Ora della Pesca
News, articles, etc... (In Italian)

Pescare Online
Il portale della Pesca Sportiva e dei Pescatori...


Guide to all things angling...

Magazine and Forum...

Fly Fishing Italy

Founded in 2001, Fly Fishing Italy offers the best guiding service available in Italy. Our guides are all local, with guide / fly fishing experience abroad. New members, from the Italian National Fly Fishing Team, have recently joined our staff....

Catfish On the river Po

Huge fish, great video, terrible soundtrack!

Fishing, Italy, Po

Three of us, adventure on river Po in Italy, 2010...

Fly fishing centro italia corrado e luca

Fly fishing centro italia corrado e luca 2009...

Trout fishing strike italy


Trout fishing strike italy