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Northern Ireland
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Northern Ireland has hundreds of opportunities to catch a variety of fish such as wild salmon, trout, pike and many more.

Government-owned fishing waters, including rivers, streams and lakes are spread throughout Northern Ireland, and these are managed by the Department for Culture, Arts and Leisure (DCAL). A full list of DCAL fishing locations is available on the ndirect website (see below), where you can also find information about licences and permits required for angling in these waters. You can also discover which waters have been stocked recently with various fish species.

Other organisations which manage a range of fishing waters include the Foyle, Carlingford and Irish Lights Commission (FCILC) and the Loughs Agency. You can find contact details for these and other organisations at nidirect too.

Northern Ireland Fisheries

See individual county pages for fisheries...

Irish Federation Of Sea Anglers

Welcome to the home of The Irish Federation Of Sea Anglers . The IFSA was founded in 1953, and this growing online resource provides information regarding the organisation, its members and activities...

Moyola Angling Club

The Moyola River is a 27 mile waterway which cuts its course through the heart of mid-Ulster. The river is regarded as one of Northern Ireland's premier salmon and dollaghan [Lough Neagh trout] rivers, and also boasts healthy stocks of native brown trout...

National Coarse Fishing Federation

The National Coarse Fishing Federation of Ireland is the management body for coarse fishing in Ireland, North and South representing coarse and predator anglers whether as a member club or individual angler.

The Northern Ireland Carp Anglers Society [NICAS]

The Northern Ireland Carp Anglers Society was formed on the 5th October 1999. This was a result of a change in government policy to allow the introduction of carp into the province for angling purposes. The aim of the carp society is to promote responsible carp angling within N. Ireland. NICAS is also committed to providing the opportunity for the disabled and junior angler to fish safely and responsibly in regards to the welfare of the fish they catch. The lakes at Dromore were originally trout lakes and had laid derelict for 5 years...

Fisheries Conservancy Board

1 Mahon Rd, Portadown BT62 3EE. Tel (01762) 334666.

Foyle Fishing

Fishing Trips And Tours: We offer game fishing holidays in North-west Ireland, which is renowned for its outstanding natural beauty, excellent hospitality and of course its great Salmon and Trout fishing...

Angling information on nidirec

All information about angling in Northern Irelands DCAL angling waters is now available on this site, including directions and maps to help anglers get to the fishing waters. There is also an Angling updates section, including details of events and information about which waters have been stocked up with fish...

Fishing in Northern Ireland

You can enjoy coarse fishing all year round in Northern Ireland which has long been recognised as one of Europe's best regions for the coarse angler...